LAPADA Fair's Best Work of Art

We were delighted to win Best Work of Art at LAPADA 2014 for our Provençal Valley Screen (1913) by Roger Fry and Omega, which the judges unanimously agreed was an interesting piece from a fascinating time in British history.


Further post-fair research has found that the screen, first purchased by Eric Waugh, Evelyn's brother, is mentioned in the first chapter of Brideshead Revisited:


"On my first afternoon, I proudly hung a reproduction of Van Gogh's Sunflowers over the fire and set up a screen, painted by Roger Fry with a Provençal landscape, which I had bought inexpensively when the Omega workshops were sold up."


Waugh goes on to describe how Charles' aesthetic tastes changed, leading him to favour the pre-Raphaelites during his time at Oxford. As with Charles, this is a trend which has been reversed - in favour of Omega - in recent years.


Our stand at the fair was also featured in the ATG of 20th September 2014.

October 8, 2014
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