Peter Joyce 'Moving South'

Our first London solo exhbiiton for Peter Joyce took place during May and was a great success. The twenty-two paintings charted Peter's move from Dorset to La Vendee in France and the influence this move has had on his work. The palette is brighter, the paintings are more open and this is the consequence of the combination of his proximity to the sea, the longer sunshine hours, the warmth and the quality of the light.


Peter Joyce is well known and highly regarded among Modern British artists. His work is exhibited at all the main London art fairs and held in private and public collections all over the world. He is someone who prefers to be outside, especially in the Marais Breton Vendeen in western France where his studio is. This extraordinary marshland landscape pervades his work, apparently subliminally for he makes his paintings behind the closed doors of his large workspace. Although he sees himself as an abstract painter, the English tradition of landscape painting and a recognizable nod towards post war Modern British Art are unmistakable. This said, Joyce is very much an artist working in 21st Century Europe.

May 27, 2015
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