Jenny Lock b. 1949

Jenny Lock came to painting later in life and the fresh relationship with the medium has clearly invigorated her developed aesthetic. Born in Kingston, Surrey, Jenny studied fashion at Epsom School of Art and Design before working as a freelance designer and illustrator in London. It was only after graduating from the Chelsea School of Art and Design in 2002 and moving to the Sussex coast, one of her constant sources of inspiration, that Jenny began to devote her time exclusively to painting in her garden studio.


Though she is always drawing, Jenny prefers to paint intuitively, working directly onto the canvas and allowing her pictures to develop from a chaotic fusion of line, colour and shape. The process continues with erasing, scratching and gestural mark-making until a balanced composition emerges. Living metres from the sea means that the coast is a constant source of inspiration. The ever-changing light reflected onto the sea and the rich and varied textures of the coastline are an important influence on her work. Jenny's paintings have been widely exhibited in London and the South and internationally in France.