'Images of the Downs: Subjects Inspired by Watership Down'

15 June - 1 July 2011


An exhibition of work inspired by the landscape of Watership Down. Jane Skingley and Tony Scrivener exhibited paintings depicting the famous views and created especially for the show. Photographer Elizabeth Vickers exhibited botanical photographic prints of local flowers and Hampshire sculptor Adam Roud showed his equine bronzes and charcoals of horses and deer.  Illustrator Madeleine Floyd displayed a small group of oils and her popular print of the 'March Hare'.

"The gallery is in the heart of Kingsclere, with countryside all around it. As we are so lucky to live and work in this beautiful landscape, I thought it would be a wonderful summer show, in our first year of opening, to commission a select group of artists to create work inspired by this special place" says Jenna Burlingham.

Each of the exhibiting artists work in different styles and mediums. Jane's landscape paintings have a simplicity and a sense of place, combined with a bold perspective. Tony focuses on the varying abstracted shapes, textures and colours of the land through the seasons. Elizabeth's photographs create beautiful and meticulous images of local flowers in the tradition of botanical artists, whilst Adam's sculpture and drawings acknowledge the racing history of the area.