Stephen Palmer 'En Plein Air'

16 - 30 November 2019

In each of the paintings in ‘En Plein Air’, Stephen Palmer captures the freshness, luminosity and complexity of his personal experience of a place, mostly France. All of the 41 works in the exhibition were painted outdoors with his distinct energy and instinct, often using a limited palette of a handful of colours.


The unpredictability of working with paint out-of-doors lends a vibrancy to his work and means that chance plays an important role in determining each image. Palmer never revisits a painting in the studio as he wishes the activity and environment to be evident in the final work. Occasionally he will begin again, taking a painting back to a place to completely re-work it, ensuring that each has a clear lucidity.


Stephen Palmer’s work has regularly been shown at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition and the Discerning Eye, as well as being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Festival Hall and the Royal College of Art. He lives in London with his wife, Janine, and has been represented by Jenna Burlingham Fine Art since 2010.


Private view of paintings with images and prices