Jenna in the LAPADA Guide to 20th Century and Contemporary Art

Jenna Burlingham has featured in the LAPADA Guide to 20th Century and Contemporary Art, a feature on collecting Modern British art:


"Modern British art is a diverse, increasingly popular and international area of the art market that can be explored throughout the UK, not just in London. Whether your budget is £ 500 or in the many thousands, interesting and beautiful paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints, sculpture and ceramics can be found.
For the smaller budget, I often point towards work by lesser known but period artists, many of whom might have produced wonderful work but were under the radar either during their lifetime or since. Additionally, prints and works on paper by some of the key names also offer more accessible alternatives to the more expensive paintings and sculptures.
My advice, whatever your area, is often the same. Although certain research can always be achieved online, gallery visits, art fairs and museum exhibitions are all key to developing an eye, gaining knowledge and getting a sense of the market. Talking to the specialists and gallery staff should also unearth history, context and opinion, or perhaps a new work just in."

Jenna Burlingham,
September 2016

September 7, 2016
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